Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day poem

I wrote this poem during church yesterday for my hubby.


My dad was never around,
Made me feel unwanted, unloved and alone.
my dad was never there,
Missed moments in my life that created me.

His dad couldn't be around,
he did all he could to support his family,
His dad cared,
helped raise them as a family and to love.

He is more than I have asked him to be,
He is there, he supports,
He struggles to be the father he wants to be
and does what he can to be who he must.

Our Father has never failed us.
Has set the standard for every man to be,
He is perfect, he is glorious, HE IS LOVE.

Tami Mooney 6/20/2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

NEW- Super heros

I am very excited about my latest project. My super hero costumes! So far I have created the masks, and the arm cuffs, I just hav eto get the pattern for the capes, and I'm done.

Here is a sneek peak!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Help me!

Okay so I got nominated for an award.... but in order to be an official nominee, I need all the votes I can get.

Please vote for my tutu here:

And promote this link for me!

If I get in the top 5, I will host a huge giveaway!



That didn't go so well! So everyone who did participate is getting a $3 gift certificate to my shop! contact me in my shop to get it. Thanks

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cupcakes Galore!

Cupcakes are the best! They are a mini personal cake, that you can make look just as delecant as there are days in a century. I love all types of cupcakes, the ones you eat, the ones you wear, the ones you play with and the ones you clean with. SO much so, That I created my very own tresury of cupcakes on etsy!

There is the link:

But if you don't wanna go to esty, here are a few of the photos listed:

you can also find some great cupcakes in my shop:

Thanks for browsing!

Oh and dont miss out on my week long deal, ending this sunday the 23rd!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking for the perfect card?

Etsy is my number one stop for cards these days, and there are some great artists there with great prices. Here are a few shops I have come across.

Airport love story Has great note cards. I fell in love with these my first week on etsy, and since then she has added even more to love.

Little Pink Kangaroo has a whole shop full of fun and spunky cards for any and all occasions. She is constantly adding new additions to her shop, and I find myself buying more and more each week.

Paintedandcreated, doesnt specialize in cards, she mostly does canvas paintings that I adore, but she does have the option to reproduce her paintings onto a card, and believe me, her paintings are great, and well worththe money.

There are other great shops on esty, and you can find all of my favorites in my shop, by searching through my favorites. My esty shop is:

Please mention where you found these great shops when you order from these great shops, thank you.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ode to Bissell, and the terrible twos

I have to give major props to bissell. I just got finished cleaning my entire house and vaccuming, and might I add, my house and carpet were looking pretty nice. So after a morning of cleaning, I was exausted, so I waa relaxing, and adding items to my online shop,

Well i realized my son was being unusually quiet in his room, so i went in and checked on him, and it was a sight out of a horror movie/ bad comedy. There he was, My two year old, potty trained son, sitting in a ring of poop, his hands were covered in it as well as a few of his toys, but that did not compare to the smeared circle of thick poop on my light beige carpet.

I was mortified, but had to do something, I mean, i couldn't just let my son sit in poop could it? well after I cleaned him up, bath and all, and threw away a few toys, I did not want to have to sit on my hands and knees and scrub away the gross smelling nearly set in brown squishy mess.

So... i went straight to my bissell steam cleaner and hoped it wouldnt make it worse. I mean, Okay, it says in the instructions to vaccum away loose debree, but i was not going to do all of that... And miraculously, It got it ALL OUT! There was nothing left...

I mean okay, okay, this is sounding like a commercial for bissell, i know, but believe me, i was not paid to say this, but if they wanted to pay me, hey, I'm up for it.

This is just my true, real life account of what just happened to me less than an hour ago. Bissell saved my sanity, and my day.

Thank you

Oh, and my son... well, will now keep him entertained with playdoh...

Monday, April 12, 2010

a word from my minister...

This was something my minister said to the congregation on easter sunday. I thought I would share it, since the FS chat today went into God and belief, and "religion",

In the bible, Jesus says he is the way, the truth and the light.

religion shows us the way... JESUS IS THE WAY

Philosophy guides us to the truth... JESUS IS THE TRUTH

Realism points to the light... JESUS IS THE LIGHT

sealing ribbon tutorial-woohoo

I have found lot of people out there who are still unaware of hoe to seal ribbon. When ever you use ribbon, in what ever craft you are doing, it is neccessary to seal it to prevent it from fraying... so i have made a short video to show you how.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The winners are....

And the winners of my first ever give away are:

(drum roll)

.....This would sound alot more dramatic if i actually had a drum...

The runner up for the $5 gift certificate is...


And the winner of the bath set which includes:
1)one back scrubbie
2) one soap saver
3) three 3" face scrubbies
4) two washcloths
5) one face cloth

(drum roll sounds again)



Congrats to the both of you. I will be contacting you shortly to arrange delivery of your prizes.

Thank you all for playing. I had alot of fun doing this, I will have a nother giveaway shortly.

My april promotion:
Bogo (buy one get one) 50% off on all Hair clippies and bows

15% off all tutus, all sizes availible!

40% off easter items through out shop (specially marked)

Free shipping on most items through out store (specially marked)

*these discounts are not to be used with any other discount... one discount per purchase... thank you.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Madness Raffle-almost over!

My March Madness Giveaway is almost over.

I would just like to thank all of those who participated in it, you all helped me reach my goal of 30 etsy sales for this month, and I also got great offline sales as well.

The winners will be announced tomorrow by noon AZ time, but I would just like to take this moment to announce every one who is entered in my raffle... Thanks again.


All of your names have been entered in to the drawing, and two of you will win either the $25 bath set in a color of your choice or the $5 gift certificate.

Thank you all for making my first Giveaway a great success!

And good luck to you all


there is still time to get your name in my drawing if you have missed the oppurtunity. I will be entering names until midnight tonight.

Thanks again

Monday, March 22, 2010

mo-mo-monster sneak peak!

they are goofy

they are cuddly

they are silly



they are MO-MO Monsters,and mo-mo mini monsters, and they are coming to my shop!

grab them before they are gone!

pre-order your Mo-Mo- monsters and mo-mo minis today.

just send me an email to :

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Friday, March 19, 2010

my new tutus

I came up with a tutu design, that I just love. These are not made like all the others found on etsy, and they are more comfortable to wear because i have the tulle wrapped in ribbon at the waist. Also, my tutus are sewn, for longer wear.

These were really fun to make, NOw i just have to take pictures to do justice for them... but my daughter does make then look good.

This is my strawberry mist tutu in toddler size. This tutu is made fluffy, and is a typical ballerina tutu, I am also in the process of creating fairy tutu's as well, so check out my shop for more details.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So this is a poem I created the other night after watching the movie precious... it just came to me while I was trying to go to sleep... that seems to be the best time to write if you ask me.


From the ground,
we were crafted.
Below the sky,
above the earth,
upon the land,
we were rested.
blood flowing.
Tears shedding,
Laughter sounding,
Smiles spreading.
One planet,
one life.
United as one.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Great new hair clips

I just wanted to show off some of my hair accessories.
The bun holders, I have made for quite sometime, they are similar to balerina buns, but are more casual, they CAN be used as a ballerina bun as well, but my intention was to make these simple enough to wear everyday. I love them, my daugher, her friends and I wear them.

The hair clippies, I actually just started making, and I think im getting pretty good at it if i do say so myself. I just ordered a large stock of ribbon, so I'm going to have a huge selection soon... so keep checking in!

find these and more at

save 15% for looking at my blog! enter Creative15 at checkout

Monday, March 8, 2010

a DYI eco friendly project: recycled crayons

here is a project i found on

I am so trying it out

here is the instructions:
Melt down and remold your kiddies' crayon stubs into colorful, fun-shape crayons they can have a second go-around with. Here's how:

1. Preheat the oven to 150°F. Remove the paper from around the crayons and chop them into 1/4-inch pieces. You can either sort the colors by color family, or mix them up into piles of contrasting hues.

2. Line your baking tins-you can find tins with all kinds of novelty shapes these days-with tin foil or foil baking cups, and place your crayon pieces in the molds.

3. Place the tins in the oven and bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or just until the crayons have melted

I never thought it was THAT easy... I was about to go out any buy my own crayon making machine... but now im gonna save me some money and just buy wax paper... whoohoo!

Make sure yo follow the directions... because I didnt cut each of my crayons to a quarter inch, some were larger, but i did make sure each was under an inch... and well i left it in for longer, much longer than it was supposed to be... so mine came out pretty weird looking...

also... make sure you can live with out the mold you use...
I coated my cupcake pan with aluminum foil...and somehow, the wax seeped through the foil and coated my cupcake pan... so sad.

journal of a "ditz"

*** short biography written 3-8-10***

Through high school, many of my friends created a collection of things I have said. This ournal and its contents were labeled as “Tami Moments”. They were phrases that were randomly said by myself, as the time, in my mind they did not appear at all to be ditzy, or thoughtless, for I was not a thoughtless person. In fact there isn’t a moment in my life that I can remember not having a full dialog playing in my head. Thinking is something I tend to do best, though sometimes my mind works faster than my mouth, and I am found delayed because I am attempting to catch up to it.

One entry I can remember this journal containing was in my junior year of high school. This time in particular my friends and I were having a conversation about cats, I cant remember exactly what we were saying about them, but I happened to say, “kittens are not cats” which to me, sounds perfectly logical, because they aren’t. Yes, I know kittens grow up to be cats, but kittens in their nature to learn and explore, are not cats. They act and do things completely different then their adult counterparts. Though, I attempted to explain myself that day, my statement was still entered into the journal. With no explanation, just kittens are not cats.

Yes I know some things I say is completely off the wall, but to me, they all have reasoning behind them. Weather others would like to admit to it or not. I have always thought of myself as a someone who was intelligent, and I always try to see all sides of every problem. To an outsider, reading the journal of my sayings, yes, I guess I do come off as a ditz, but the complete story gives insight that will allow the reader a in depth view, so that they in turn can make an educated opinion, not just the biased side of it.

It has been 5 years since I left high school. I have lost contact with many of my friends who kept that journal. I have no knowledge of its whereabouts, or even if it was destroyed or not. But its memory still lives on with me. It is something that to me, degrades me, though I was never the one to say so when it was being created. I laughed it off like it was some joke, while inside I was screaming, and pleading for it to be destroyed. Everyone should have a say in how they are remembered.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My favorite items on etsy

So this is my first of hopefully many favorites list...

I have searched and have found a variety of favorite items on etsy, and here they are

from GreenLoveStore: Organic baby soap

from wintermoonjewlery: star earrings

Also from wintermoonjewlery: sapphire bracelet

from goldenpondstudio: green envy necklace:

From littlepinkkangaroo: thank you cards:

From Pila: heres a while list of cards... I buy most of my cads from her... I adore her shop
the only thing about these cards is that they don't come with envelopes, and they are about an inch long and an inch wide... they are perfect for small thank yous though.
thank you card:
cute hair clip:
more thank you cards:

and yes all of those r found in the same shop

so hope you like what you see, I will have more faves next week

Oh and dont forget to check out my shop:

Friday, March 5, 2010

CPSIA compliance continued...DYI Labels

Now I need to make some labels... I found alot of places on and off of etsy that make custom labels... but i'm frugal, and I belive that IF i can make it myself... then why not...

so for all of you DYIers our there... if you are reading this... here are a few steps i have found to creating your own CPSIA compliant, permanent labels... woopee.

step one...
create a template on any label template, such as avery, or use your word templates...
make sure the measurements are the same as the size ribbon you will be using the template I used was adress labels 15667 on

step two...
Load iron on transfer paper ino your printer.
make sure you go into printer options and click on "mirror image" or else you will make the mistake i did, and waste an entire sheet of transfer paper.
you should really try to print out a test page first, on regular paper.
*if you can read it, its backwards!!!*

Step three...
measure the ribbon to the size of the label size you selected. If you can tell in my image, I left the ribbon uncut until i had it transfered.

step four...
cut out your transfer sheets

step five...
match the sheets up to your ribbon, and iron it on, to the instructions on your paper
*make sure you place the iron on the transfer paper, and NOT on the ribbon, or you will end up with a burnt ribbon, like i did... But trial and error i always say :)

step six...
attatch your labels to your product

information you should have on your labels:
Your company name
date of manufactured
lot number (if made in bulk)
care instructions (FTC regulation)

have fun!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March madness Giveaway!!!!

I am hosting my very first raffle in celebration of my 20th sale here on ETSY!

This rafffle will run all month long and the drawing will be held on april 1st.

The prize

You will be playing to win a bath set, made by me of course.

the set will inclue:
1)one back scrubbie
2) one soap saver
3) three 3" face scrubbies
4) two washcloths
5) one face cloth

sold alone in my shop these items are valued at $25.00

HOw do you enter?

Its simple...

with every purchase, you will recieve one (1) free ticket.

With every purchase over $5, you will recieve two (2) free tickets.

With every $10 spent you will recieve five (5) free tickets...

you amy also puchase a ticket for $1.50 a la carte, if you wish...

THanks for playing!

Oh and before i forget...
the 30th sale will automatically recieve a free gift.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mission to be CPSIA compliant...

So this is my first post on my struggles to stay within the guidelines of the CPSIA.

So far, I have searched the list, and thankfully, my yarns are exempt. That meaning, I do not have to send them in to be tested for lead, because they dont contain lead... yey!

I did have to stop my usage of buttons on childrens products because I could not find a company that has already had the testing... not a big loss though, because I dont like using buttons on baby items any how. I am too afriad that the buttons will come off and get lodged in a baby's throat.

I am on the mission to find the certificate to my velcro...

I did find the certificate for my hair pins... yey! has the certificate availible online which made it so easy on me.

This is not a fun mission by the way...

Monday, March 1, 2010

my baby booties

I have made simple baby booties ever since i found out i was pregnant with my first child. I later was able to master them and created a new bootie which I like alot more. I made these like crazy when I was pregnant with my son. Most of which I donated to the hospital he was born in. The others, I stuffed with candy that I personalized with his information and handed out as party favors at his baby shower.

I have alot of fun with these booties, and they are simple enough for me to make a pair in 30 mins time so I decided to make them inexpensive on my online shop,, for $5.50 a pair, gift wrapped.

I will post a pattern to these booties for purchase on the shop soon,

Please check back often for more items and patterns.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


People are in pain,
crying in silent,
Screaming for answers,
that may never come.

Needing help.

Confused alone,
full of sorrow,
full of doubt,
needing to know,

Needing help.

So much hatred
wiped away,
so much anger,
washed in grace,

recieving help

an extended arm
from an unexpected stranger
a loving embrace,
from a previous foe.

accepting help

disaster comes,
we all join as one,
miracles occur,
faith is restored.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My first blog Ever

I've never been one for conformity, and I don't do well to orders. My life is pretty much centered around me. I have a loving husband, and two great kids, who live life to the beat of my drum.

Life for me doesn't seem livable unless I am in control, which is probrably why I take things into my own hands. My whole life I have been "creative". I've managed to make almost everything, my own. I was the girl in school, who wore the overly decorated backpack, and sang to the beat that played along in my head.

So naturally, writing would be my forte.

I've been writting and creating stroies since the time I was able to pick up my first pencil. To this day I continue to write stories, songs and poems in my mind, for no otehr reason but for my own entertainment.

Creativity is a dominant trait in my life, which is why I decided to start this blog.

I have two main projects going on in my life... besides running my family crazy... One of which is my books. I have written a few, and I hope to eventually write a great deal more. The other project I have going on is my online crochet boutique. I resort to crocheting when I am in a writters block, and in doing so i have been able to create alot of cute and functional items which my children and I also use and love.

Both of my projects are big parts of mine and my families lives that I made a decision to extent to the rest of the world in hopes of bringing joy in one way or another.

With my blog, I hope to be able to add a new story every week with you all. Wether it be a chapter of one of my books, or a new story either I or my daughter create.

Thank you for your time. Please enjoy.