Saturday, March 6, 2010

My favorite items on etsy

So this is my first of hopefully many favorites list...

I have searched and have found a variety of favorite items on etsy, and here they are

from GreenLoveStore: Organic baby soap

from wintermoonjewlery: star earrings

Also from wintermoonjewlery: sapphire bracelet

from goldenpondstudio: green envy necklace:

From littlepinkkangaroo: thank you cards:

From Pila: heres a while list of cards... I buy most of my cads from her... I adore her shop
the only thing about these cards is that they don't come with envelopes, and they are about an inch long and an inch wide... they are perfect for small thank yous though.
thank you card:
cute hair clip:
more thank you cards:

and yes all of those r found in the same shop

so hope you like what you see, I will have more faves next week

Oh and dont forget to check out my shop:

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