Sunday, February 28, 2010


People are in pain,
crying in silent,
Screaming for answers,
that may never come.

Needing help.

Confused alone,
full of sorrow,
full of doubt,
needing to know,

Needing help.

So much hatred
wiped away,
so much anger,
washed in grace,

recieving help

an extended arm
from an unexpected stranger
a loving embrace,
from a previous foe.

accepting help

disaster comes,
we all join as one,
miracles occur,
faith is restored.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My first blog Ever

I've never been one for conformity, and I don't do well to orders. My life is pretty much centered around me. I have a loving husband, and two great kids, who live life to the beat of my drum.

Life for me doesn't seem livable unless I am in control, which is probrably why I take things into my own hands. My whole life I have been "creative". I've managed to make almost everything, my own. I was the girl in school, who wore the overly decorated backpack, and sang to the beat that played along in my head.

So naturally, writing would be my forte.

I've been writting and creating stroies since the time I was able to pick up my first pencil. To this day I continue to write stories, songs and poems in my mind, for no otehr reason but for my own entertainment.

Creativity is a dominant trait in my life, which is why I decided to start this blog.

I have two main projects going on in my life... besides running my family crazy... One of which is my books. I have written a few, and I hope to eventually write a great deal more. The other project I have going on is my online crochet boutique. I resort to crocheting when I am in a writters block, and in doing so i have been able to create alot of cute and functional items which my children and I also use and love.

Both of my projects are big parts of mine and my families lives that I made a decision to extent to the rest of the world in hopes of bringing joy in one way or another.

With my blog, I hope to be able to add a new story every week with you all. Wether it be a chapter of one of my books, or a new story either I or my daughter create.

Thank you for your time. Please enjoy.