Friday, March 5, 2010

CPSIA compliance continued...DYI Labels

Now I need to make some labels... I found alot of places on and off of etsy that make custom labels... but i'm frugal, and I belive that IF i can make it myself... then why not...

so for all of you DYIers our there... if you are reading this... here are a few steps i have found to creating your own CPSIA compliant, permanent labels... woopee.

step one...
create a template on any label template, such as avery, or use your word templates...
make sure the measurements are the same as the size ribbon you will be using the template I used was adress labels 15667 on

step two...
Load iron on transfer paper ino your printer.
make sure you go into printer options and click on "mirror image" or else you will make the mistake i did, and waste an entire sheet of transfer paper.
you should really try to print out a test page first, on regular paper.
*if you can read it, its backwards!!!*

Step three...
measure the ribbon to the size of the label size you selected. If you can tell in my image, I left the ribbon uncut until i had it transfered.

step four...
cut out your transfer sheets

step five...
match the sheets up to your ribbon, and iron it on, to the instructions on your paper
*make sure you place the iron on the transfer paper, and NOT on the ribbon, or you will end up with a burnt ribbon, like i did... But trial and error i always say :)

step six...
attatch your labels to your product

information you should have on your labels:
Your company name
date of manufactured
lot number (if made in bulk)
care instructions (FTC regulation)

have fun!


  1. I especially appreciate you sharing your mistakes. Thanks for the info.

  2. Great info! Thanks for sharing all your instructions. I've been buying my labels, but maybe I'll try to make my own!

  3. Thanks for the info, especially the tips on what not to do. I would have never thought of those!