Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day poem

I wrote this poem during church yesterday for my hubby.


My dad was never around,
Made me feel unwanted, unloved and alone.
my dad was never there,
Missed moments in my life that created me.

His dad couldn't be around,
he did all he could to support his family,
His dad cared,
helped raise them as a family and to love.

He is more than I have asked him to be,
He is there, he supports,
He struggles to be the father he wants to be
and does what he can to be who he must.

Our Father has never failed us.
Has set the standard for every man to be,
He is perfect, he is glorious, HE IS LOVE.

Tami Mooney 6/20/2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

NEW- Super heros

I am very excited about my latest project. My super hero costumes! So far I have created the masks, and the arm cuffs, I just hav eto get the pattern for the capes, and I'm done.

Here is a sneek peak!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Help me!

Okay so I got nominated for an award.... but in order to be an official nominee, I need all the votes I can get.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cupcakes Galore!

Cupcakes are the best! They are a mini personal cake, that you can make look just as delecant as there are days in a century. I love all types of cupcakes, the ones you eat, the ones you wear, the ones you play with and the ones you clean with. SO much so, That I created my very own tresury of cupcakes on etsy!

There is the link:

But if you don't wanna go to esty, here are a few of the photos listed:

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking for the perfect card?

Etsy is my number one stop for cards these days, and there are some great artists there with great prices. Here are a few shops I have come across.

Airport love story Has great note cards. I fell in love with these my first week on etsy, and since then she has added even more to love.

Little Pink Kangaroo has a whole shop full of fun and spunky cards for any and all occasions. She is constantly adding new additions to her shop, and I find myself buying more and more each week.

Paintedandcreated, doesnt specialize in cards, she mostly does canvas paintings that I adore, but she does have the option to reproduce her paintings onto a card, and believe me, her paintings are great, and well worththe money.

There are other great shops on esty, and you can find all of my favorites in my shop, by searching through my favorites. My esty shop is:

Please mention where you found these great shops when you order from these great shops, thank you.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ode to Bissell, and the terrible twos

I have to give major props to bissell. I just got finished cleaning my entire house and vaccuming, and might I add, my house and carpet were looking pretty nice. So after a morning of cleaning, I was exausted, so I waa relaxing, and adding items to my online shop,

Well i realized my son was being unusually quiet in his room, so i went in and checked on him, and it was a sight out of a horror movie/ bad comedy. There he was, My two year old, potty trained son, sitting in a ring of poop, his hands were covered in it as well as a few of his toys, but that did not compare to the smeared circle of thick poop on my light beige carpet.

I was mortified, but had to do something, I mean, i couldn't just let my son sit in poop could it? well after I cleaned him up, bath and all, and threw away a few toys, I did not want to have to sit on my hands and knees and scrub away the gross smelling nearly set in brown squishy mess.

So... i went straight to my bissell steam cleaner and hoped it wouldnt make it worse. I mean, Okay, it says in the instructions to vaccum away loose debree, but i was not going to do all of that... And miraculously, It got it ALL OUT! There was nothing left...

I mean okay, okay, this is sounding like a commercial for bissell, i know, but believe me, i was not paid to say this, but if they wanted to pay me, hey, I'm up for it.

This is just my true, real life account of what just happened to me less than an hour ago. Bissell saved my sanity, and my day.

Thank you

Oh, and my son... well, will now keep him entertained with playdoh...

Monday, April 12, 2010

a word from my minister...

This was something my minister said to the congregation on easter sunday. I thought I would share it, since the FS chat today went into God and belief, and "religion",

In the bible, Jesus says he is the way, the truth and the light.

religion shows us the way... JESUS IS THE WAY

Philosophy guides us to the truth... JESUS IS THE TRUTH

Realism points to the light... JESUS IS THE LIGHT