Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mission to be CPSIA compliant...

So this is my first post on my struggles to stay within the guidelines of the CPSIA.

So far, I have searched the list, and thankfully, my yarns are exempt. That meaning, I do not have to send them in to be tested for lead, because they dont contain lead... yey!

I did have to stop my usage of buttons on childrens products because I could not find a company that has already had the testing... not a big loss though, because I dont like using buttons on baby items any how. I am too afriad that the buttons will come off and get lodged in a baby's throat.

I am on the mission to find the certificate to my velcro...

I did find the certificate for my hair pins... yey! www.hair-hardware.com has the certificate availible online which made it so easy on me.

This is not a fun mission by the way...

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