Monday, March 8, 2010

journal of a "ditz"

*** short biography written 3-8-10***

Through high school, many of my friends created a collection of things I have said. This ournal and its contents were labeled as “Tami Moments”. They were phrases that were randomly said by myself, as the time, in my mind they did not appear at all to be ditzy, or thoughtless, for I was not a thoughtless person. In fact there isn’t a moment in my life that I can remember not having a full dialog playing in my head. Thinking is something I tend to do best, though sometimes my mind works faster than my mouth, and I am found delayed because I am attempting to catch up to it.

One entry I can remember this journal containing was in my junior year of high school. This time in particular my friends and I were having a conversation about cats, I cant remember exactly what we were saying about them, but I happened to say, “kittens are not cats” which to me, sounds perfectly logical, because they aren’t. Yes, I know kittens grow up to be cats, but kittens in their nature to learn and explore, are not cats. They act and do things completely different then their adult counterparts. Though, I attempted to explain myself that day, my statement was still entered into the journal. With no explanation, just kittens are not cats.

Yes I know some things I say is completely off the wall, but to me, they all have reasoning behind them. Weather others would like to admit to it or not. I have always thought of myself as a someone who was intelligent, and I always try to see all sides of every problem. To an outsider, reading the journal of my sayings, yes, I guess I do come off as a ditz, but the complete story gives insight that will allow the reader a in depth view, so that they in turn can make an educated opinion, not just the biased side of it.

It has been 5 years since I left high school. I have lost contact with many of my friends who kept that journal. I have no knowledge of its whereabouts, or even if it was destroyed or not. But its memory still lives on with me. It is something that to me, degrades me, though I was never the one to say so when it was being created. I laughed it off like it was some joke, while inside I was screaming, and pleading for it to be destroyed. Everyone should have a say in how they are remembered.

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